EBA Announcement

We can announce that Ambulance Victoria and all parties have reached and signed a firm basis of settlement, that will be officially approved by the State Government. This was signed on 19 December 2014. This is an in-principle settlement and was made after a number of meetings in the past weeks.

In accordance with pre-election promises, the State Government announced that it would work to end this EBA stalemate, and conclude negotiations without loss of conditions.

The full agreement is to follow but the overall structure of this deal includes the following:

  • Sign-on bonus of $3000, pro-rata for part-time staff
  • 6% wage rise effectively from signing of the agreement, followed by a further 3% rise from July 2015 and a further 3% rise from July 2016
  • The State Government is referring the issue of pay rates to the Fair Work Commission to conduct a Work Value case
  • Other increases to allowances such as Temporary Reserve Paramedic(TRP)  allowance to $196 per week, meal allowance increased to be indexed yearly
  • Guaranteed TRP allowance for all paramedics on Part Time or Flexible working arrangements, back-dated for those that not receiving it
  • Joint working parties to be established to review Meal Break and Rolled in Rate

We are cautiously optimistic about this offer. We had hoped for greater guaranteed wage percentage increases, but other factors prevented us from pushing for higher initial increases at this stage of negotiations.

We should realise that we are now reliant on the outcome of the Work Value Case to enable us to achieve wage parity with paramedics interstate. We can be hopeful of this, but nothing is guaranteed. As always we need to see the conditions under which the Work Value Case will operate. Our professional negotiator is ready from day one of the Work Value Case and will work on our behalf through the process. We will release more on this very soon.

We would like to thank our members for their patience throughout this trying time, and acknowledge the pressure that this has put on all paramedics. This has been intolerable in a work environment that needs to be supportive of its staff who, on a day-to-day basis, incur significant strain.

We would also like to thank Gerard for his tireless efforts during this negotiation.

You may not hear EMSPA mentioned much in the press releases. Be assured that we have always been at the negotiation table pushing for a fair resolution to this record-breaking conflict, and continue to maintain our a-political stance.

Lastly, in good faith, all parties will be suspending all protest actions as of today. We ask our members to comply with this.

We will keep you updated with further information as it becomes available, and will be asking for member feedback.