EBA Update: Feedback on the ‘AV Proposal’

AV Proposal – an APA (Vic) perspective for members

On 12 Dec 2019, Ambulance Victoria released an EBA Update, the “AV Proposal” outlining the basics of their proposal for changes to be included in the Ambulance Victoria Enterprise Agreement 2019 (“the EBA”). Subsequently updates have been posted on the 26 Dec and 30 Dec 2019.

APA (Vic) is considering this proposal (and the updates) as it relates to our Log of Claims, and the overall impact that it will have on our Members and the employees to whom it relates. We have already received feedback from some members and hope to receive more in the coming days.

While this information is significant, there remain a number of areas where only minimal change has been made, or it is believe changes will be of a primarily procedural nature and will not directly affect outcomes of members (such as removing reference to Committees that no longer exist, or simplifying definitions); these have not been included here.

At this time, APA (Vic) offers the following information on some of the issue that have already been raised with us, but we hope to hear from you soon about any concerns you wish to raise.

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We look forward to hearing from you, our members, and to continue representing you during these negotiations and beyond.

With thanks, and best wishes for the coming year,

Sven, Alison, and Teri
AVEA 2019 Representative Team